Bank Governance Intelligence

CGscope focuses on bank corporate governance intelligence. We collect and analyse critical governance data and information buried in thousands of pages of public disclosures using purpose-built data mining techniques. Our analysis is presented to clients in regular benchmarking reports. In addition, we provide our clients with governance intelligence updates and access to dedicated experts.

Governance Intelligence

The Value of Benchmarking

Financial institution leaders require relevant information about their peers’ corporate governance practices to respond effectively to business challenges, supervisory requirements and investor expectations. Just like peer analysis of financial information, governance benchmarking is becoming a standard best practice.

CGscope's benchmarking service improves decision making:

  • It informs governance decisions of boards and senior management teams of best practice.
  • It provides the information and analysis needed to meet supervisory expectations.

CGscope's benchmarking service supports compliance:

  • It provides essential support for board reviews and directors’ suitability assessments.
  • CGscope also supports audits and reviews of the governance framework.

CGscope's benchmarking service helps improve relationships with stakeholders:

  • It enhances governance disclosures with comparative governance data.
  • Our data and analysis enriches responses to shareholder and supervisory enquiries.

Features of our Service

  • Our clients receive context-rich benchmarking reports that compare their bank’s governance practices against those of peers, best practice and supervisory expectations.
  • Our analysis is bank-specific and uniquely focussed on internal governance arrangements, including, for example, board profile and responsibilities, risk governance, control functions reporting lines and remuneration.
  • Our methodology is based on Nestor Advisors' (our sister company) 15 years of industry experience.
  • Our data collection techniques are based on innovative purpose-built software using data mining and artificial intelligence techniques.

Benchmarking Report

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Bank Governance in the Spotlight

Sir Adrian Cadbury described corporate governance as “the way that companies are directed and controlled”. Good corporate governance is based on four key principles: responsibility, accountability, transparency and fairness. The focus of our analysis is on the mechanisms, policies, stakeholder relationships and decision-making processes that the leaders of an organisation—its board and senior management—employ for its direction and control.

In the post financial crisis years, the corporate governance of the world's financial institutions has moved from the sphere of voluntary aspirational design to tightly regulated requirements and supervised practices.

Supervisors have a keen interest in sound corporate governance, as it is an essential element in the safe and sound functioning of a bank and may adversely affect the bank’s risk profile if not operating effectively.

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Corporate Governance Principle for Banks, BIS 2015

Areas of Analysis



Contribution to EBA Governance Guidelines Consultation

CGscope and Nestor Advisors have recently commented on two sets of draft European Banking Authority and European Securities and Markets Authority guidelines on the assessment of suitability of members of the management body and on internal governance. While the guidelines offer important contributions toward enhancing corporate governance in the banking sector, we believe improvements are possible in a number of areas related to constructive challenge at board level, the meaning of independence and onerous composition requirements. Read more...


Our Team

Benjamin Grosman
Ben has worked as a Corporate Strategy Consultant specialising in technology, business structure and scalability within European and Emerging Markets. He brings to the CGscope team his vision, drive and strategic clarity combined with his experience in governance and regulation.
Stilpon Nestor
Stilpon is Founder and Managing Director of CGscope’s sister company Nestor Advisors. Stilpon has advised the boards of some of the largest financial institutions in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East, and IFIs. Until March 2002, Stilpon headed the Corporate Affairs Division at the OECD.
Yves Weissig
Prior to joining CGscope, Yves was founder at W&S IT-Consulting. Yves has been a developer since the age of 14 and is passionate about open-source, cloud technology, agile teams and sharing software development knowledge.
Lisa Andersson
Head of Research
Lisa holds an MSc in Global Politics from LSE. Lisa joined CGscope from Nestor Advisors and has previously worked in the Swedish financial services industry. At CGscope, Lisa is passionate about creating a unique product and leading an outstanding research team.
Thomas Leonard
Technology Lead
Thomas holds a PhD in Fluid Dynamics. Prior to joining CGscope, he conducted aerodynamic numerical simulations to reduce the acoustic impact of helicopter engines. At CGscope he is driven to create clean and well-documented code.
John Kiely
John holds a BSc in Sociology from LSE. While studying for his degree he discovered that he prefers software systems to social systems, and so decided to transition into software development after graduating.
Anisoara Huettemann
Governance Analyst
Anisoara holds an MSc in Public Management and Governance from LSE, has worked for the European External Action Service and as a research assistant at LSE. At CGscope, Anisoara contributes with her analytical skills and creative initiatives.
Alkyoni Doulkeroglou
Governance Analyst
Alkyoni holds BAs in Psychology and Sociology and an MSc in HR and Organisations (CIPD) from LSE. Heavily analytical and with an HR internship at HELPE Group, her analysis focuses on how corporate procedures and contexts affect firm and employee performance.
Dominic Gasson
Governance Analyst
Dominic holds an MA in Political Economy of the Middle East from King’s College London and brings to CGscope strong qualitative and quantitative research skills as well as a sound understanding of global political and economic issues.
Christian Rubin
Christian holds a BSc in Natural Sciences (Mathematics & Physics) from the University of Nottingham and a MSc in Statistics from Newcastle University. He brings to CGscope experience in building Django APIs, iPhone apps, and websites.
Stewart Murphy
Governance Analyst
Stewart holds an LLB with Honours from The University of Edinburgh and an LLM in Law and Economics from Utrecht University. He brings to CGscope strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
David George
David holds an MEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton. He has a professional background in the verification of GPUs and brings to the team significant experience in testing methodology.
Louis Byrne
Louis has a BSc in Marine Biology & Oceanography from Bangor University and a MA in Atmospheric Chemistry from Bristol University. Louis is an experienced developer in Python, Django and SQL.
Katja Knudsen
Governance Analyst
Katja has a BSc in Economics and Politics from Queen Mary University of London and a MSc in International Political Economy from LSE. Katja’s knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods has contributed to her thorough understanding of financial systems.

Why Work For Us?

CGscope is a London-based data analytics start-up led by young but experienced professionals. We started as a spin-off of Nestor Advisors, a well-established and leading consultancy in corporate governance, from whom we inherited our analytics methodology.

Currently we are expanding our database by enhancing and innovating our data collection tools and the ways in which we extract intelligence from our data to produce client benchmarking reports.

CGscope is unique in many ways:

  • We offer an innovative and exciting service.
  • We develop our very own purpose-built software for data collection and analysis and we are working towards a live product!
  • We are a multi-disciplinary, multicultural and collaborative team of talented software developers, data scientists, and governance professionals and analysts.

Here at CGscope we have an open and inclusive culture, where you will be valued and trusted in the team, and have the opportunity of taking responsibility and ownership working towards our ambitious goals.

It is an exciting time to join our small and extremely motivated team here at CGscope!



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